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From Smithfields to the farm

In 1940, George Smith started Smithfield Ice Cream on Millbury Street in Worcester, MA. Smithfield Ice Cream grew into 12 stores throughout Worcester County. These stores had sit-down ice cream areas and the stores also sold ice cream in half pints and quarts. 

There was one particular ice cream treat current owner Richard remembers called 'Lilly Dilly' and it cost a nickel and ice cream cones were .15 cents!! 

Richard, from age 10-14,  hung around with his dad, George, and worked for Smithfield Ice Cream. 


Some of the Worcesterlocations of the Smithfield Ice Cream Company were:
Millbury St (original location, burned down)
Southbridge St  |  Park Ave  |  2 Main St locations  |  Chandler St  |  Pleasant St  |   Lincoln St  |  Hamilton St  |  Green St 

Main St, Millbury, Ma 

20220609_201041 (1).jpg


In 1967 Uhlmans Ice Cream started. George Smith grew up in Westboro and was a friend of Howard Uhlman, who owned the farm. Howard began Uhlman's Ice Cream in 1967 as a farm stand.  A few years later George converted the little farm stand into an ice cream stand. George ran Uhlman's Ice Cream until about 1987. At that point, his son Richard took over the management of Uhlman's Farms.  Fast forward to 2010 and Richard's step-daughter, Kelley Marston, steps in as store manager.  Eventually taking over the role of owner, Uhlman's gets a website, and with Covid starts accepting credit cards in the e-commerce world. 

Back in the early days there were no yogurt or sugar-free ice cream flavors. There were about 30 flavors of hard ice cream.

Now, Uhlman's Ice Cream Stand serves soft-serve ice cream and fat-free soft and hard yogurt as well as at least 70 different flavors of hard ice cream.

Today, Uhlman's sells more than frozen ice cream and yogurt. We also have frozen lemonade and frozen lime rickeys, old fashioned ice cream soda's & floats, dairy free & allergy friendly options and hot dogs & chips at lunch.

Stop by!

We're located at 232 E. Main Street. in Westborough, MA. 


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