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How do you pronounce Uhlmans?

By far the #1 asked question here! Uhlmans is pronounced 'Yool'-mens, NOT Ul-mens


Where does your milk come from?

We use a local dairy consortium, or a a collective farming group.  All of the farms are from New England.


Do you use the milk from the cows in the field?

In a round about way YES.  We are an annex field for a large herd of dairy cattle in Framingham. The cows are older sows or young non breeding calfs here to stretch out, relax and get fat. The farm we work with does not believe in keeping the cattle in stanchions and "borrows" fields around Massachusetts to place the cows. The milk from this large herd is then sold to the local dairy consortium that our ice cream producer uses in our delicious Uhlman's ice cream.















Do you take credit cards?

YES! Thanks to COVID we now accept all credit cards and even have gift cards you can purchase online.  In 2020 cash was considered "dirty" and our customers express the desire for us to have a contactless pay system.

How old do you have to be to work at Uhlmans?

15.  It also helps if you do NOT play a fall or spring sport, do NOT intend on going away on vacation for 3 or more weeks per summer and DO have reliable transportation.  But hey, we're flexible.

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